Sl. Title
 01 Building Science - concepts and applications
 02 Managing the Professional Practice
 03 Architectural Design and Regulation
 04 Planning in Divided Cities
 05 The Basics of Troubleshooting in Plastics Processing: An Introductory Practical Guide
 06 Heat Transfer Applications for the Practicing Engineer
 07 Convert! Designing Web Sites to Increase Traffic and Conversion
 08 Graph Partitioning
 09 Java For Dummies(R), 5th Edition
 10 Model-based Visual Tracking: the OpenTL Framework
 11 Professional JavaScript for Web Developers 3rd Edition
 12 Qualitative Spatial and Temporal Reasoning
 13 Static Analysis of Software: The Abstract Interpretation
 14 The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition
 15 Data Mining: Concepts, Models, Methods, and Algorithms, Second Edition
 16 Compiler Construction Using Java, JavaCC, and Yacc
 17 Global Software and IT: A Guide to Distributed Development, Projects, and Outsourcing
18  Cloud Computing Principles and Paradigms
19  Oracle Database Performance and Scalability: a quantitative approach
20  Adobe Acrobat X PDF Bible
21  Design of Multithreaded Software: The Entity-Life Modeling Approach
22  Distibuted Systems: Design and Algorithms
23  Energy Security - An Interdiscinplinary Approach
24  Interoperability for Enterprise Software and Applications: Proceedings of the Workshops and the Doctorial Symposium of the I-ESA International Confer
25  Models and Analysis for Distributed Systems
26  Objective-C
27 Presentation Secrets
28  SolidWorks 2011 Parts Bible
29  Systems and Software Engineering with Applications
30  The Dark Side of Software Engineering: Evil on Computing Projects
31 Computer System Design: System-on-Chip
32  Drupal 7 Bible
33  Information Security: Principles and Practice, Second Edition
34  Competitive Intelligence and Decision Problems
35  Cyberwar and Information Warfare
36  An Introduction to Fire Dynamics 3e
37  Design of Buildings for Wind, Second Edition: A Guide for ASCE 7-10 Standard Users and Designers of Special Structures
38  Construction Management for Industrial Projects: A Modular Guide for Project Managers
39  Civil Engineer's Handbook of Professional Practice
40  Advanced Concrete Technology
41 Airport Engineering: Planning, Design, and Development of 21st Century Airports 
42  Structural Performance: Probability-Based Assessment
43  Self Compacting Concrete
44  Risk Management for Design & Construction
45  Building Surveys and Reports 4e
46  Steel Structures - Design using FEM
47  Probability Concepts and Theory for Engineers
48  Accelerated Reliability and Durability Testing Technology
49  Multi-Mode/Multi-Band RF Transceivers for Wireless Communications: Advanced Techniques, Architectures and Trends
50  Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor Drives
51 Design for Embedded Image Processing on FPGAs
52  Broadband Optical Access Networks
53  RF and Microwave Transmitter Design
54  Microstrip Filters for RF/Microwave Applications, Second Edition
55  Digital Design of Signal Processing Systems - A Practical Approach
56  MPLS-Enabled Applications - Emerging Developmentsand New Technologies 3e
57  Modulation and Coding Techniques in Wireless Communications
58  Nonlinear Effects in Optical Fibers
59  Practical Lighting Design with LEDs
60  CMOS Biomicrosystems: Where Electronics Meet Biology
61  Engineering Quantum Mechanics
62  Digital Signal Processsing Using MATLAB for Students and Researchers
63  Single Event Effects in Aerospace
64  Free Space Optical Networks for Ultra-Broad Band Services
65  Embedded SoPC Design with Nios II Processorand VHDL Examples
66  Local Networks and the Internet: From Protocols to Interconnection
67  Electrical Machines Diagnosis
68  Nonlinear Distortion in Wireless Systems - Modeling and Simulation with MATLAB (R)
69  Pervasive Computing and Networking
70  Transients of Modern Power Electronics
71 Cooperative Networking
72 VHDL for Logic Synthesis - 3e
73  An Introduction to Computational Fluid Mechanics by Example
74  Introduction to Finite Element Analysis - Formulation, Verification and Validation
75  TRIZ for Engineers - Enabling Inventive Problem Solving
76  Critical Component Wear in Heavy Duty Engines
77  Structural Dynamics of Electronic and Photonic Systems
78  Advanced Dynamics: Rigid Body, Multibody, and Aerospace Applications
79  Biobased Lubricants and Greases - Technology and Products
80  Vibration-based Condition Monitoring - Industrial, Aerospace and Automotive Applications
81 The Duffing Equation - Nonlinear Oscillators andtheir Behaviour 
82  Noise and Vibration Analysis - Signal Analysis and Experimental Procedures
83  Case Studies in Mechanical Engineering - Decision Making, Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer
84  Design for Thermal Stresses
85  Physics of Solar Energy
86  Computational Mechanics of Discontinua
87  Gas Turbine Propulsion Systems
88  The Automotive Body Manufacturing Systems and Processes
89  Basic Helicopter Aerodynamics 3e
90  Hybrid Electric Vehicles - Principles and Applications with Practical Perspectives
91 How Your House Works: A Visual Guide to Understanding and Maintaining Your Home, Second Edition
92  Solomon's Temple: Myth, Conflict, and Faith
93  Ecosystem Services Come To Town - greening citiesby working with nature
94  The Challenges of the Housing Economy - aninternational perspective
95  Race, Housing and Community - Perspectives on Policy & Practice
96  Cyber Security Policy Guidebook
97  Memory Allocation Problems in Embedded Systems / Optimization Methods
98  Advanced Transport Protocols
99  Assembly Language Programming: ARM Cortex-M3
100  Computer Science and Ambient Intelligence
101 Computer, Network, Software, and Hardware Engineering with Applications
102  Digital Color: Acquisition, Perception, Coding and Rendering
103  Digital Holography
104  Energy-Efficient Distributed Computing Systems
105  Enterprise Software Architecture and Design: Entities, Services, and Resources
106  Information Overload: An International Challengefor Professional Engineers and Technical Communicators
107  Model-Driven and Software Product Line Engineering
108  Program Specialization
109  Reliability and Availability of Cloud Computing
110  Advanced Internet Protocols, Services, and Applications
111 Practical Database Programming with Visual Basic.N ET, Second Edition
112  The Death of the Internet
113  Digital Color Imaging
114  Computer Architecture
115  Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++ 2012
116  Case Study Research in Software Engineering: Guidelines and Examples
117  Game Invaders: The Theory and Understanding of Computer Games
118  Fundamentals of Software Testing
119  101 Ready-To-Use Excel Macros (Mr. Spreadsheet)
120  Cloudonomics + Website: The Business Value of Cloud Computing
121 Solving Enterprise Applications Performance Puzzles: Queuing Models to the Rescue
122  Advanced Mobility and Transport Engineering
123  Cyber Conflict: Competing National Perspectives
124  Digital Audiovisual Archives
125  Managing Complexity of Information Systems: The value of simplicity
126  Textual Information Access: Statistical Models
127  Introductory Bioelectronics - For Engineers and Physical Scientists
128  An Introduction to Thermogeology - Ground Source Heating and Cooling
129  Building Physics- Heat, Air and Moisture 2e - Fundamentals and Engineering Methods with Examplesand Exercises
130  MWH's Water Treatment:rd Edition
131  Basic Structural Dynamics
132  Bridge Design and Evaluation: LRFD and LRFR
133  Physical Properties of Concrete and Concrete Constituents
134  An Introduction to Audio Content Analysis: Applications in Signal Processing and Music Informatics
135  An Introduction to LTE - LTE, LTE-Advanced, SAEand 4G Mobile Communications
136  Color: An Introduction to Practice and Principles, Third Edition
137  Frequency Stability: Introduction and Applications
138  Introduction to Adaptive Lenses
139  Introduction to Audiovisual Archives
140  Introduction to Laser Technology, Fourth Edition
141 Introduction to Wireless Localization: With iPhone SDK Examples
142  A Guide to the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge (WEBOK), Second Edition
143  A Practical Guide to Optical Metrology for Thin Films
144  Guide to Mitigating Spacecraft Charging Effects
145  Nanostructured and Subwavelength WaveGuides - Fundamentals and Applications
146  Streamlining Digital Signal Processing:of the Trade Guidebook, Second Edition
147  The ComSoc Guide to Passive Optical Networks: Enhancing the Last Mile Access
148  Practical Guide to the MIMO Radio Channel with MATLAB Examples
149  Antenna Theory and Applications
150  Near Field Communication (NFC) - From Theory to Practice
151 Non-Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory
152  Telecommunications System Reliability Engineering, Theory, and Practice
153  Color in Computer Vision: Fundamentals and Applications
154  Designing Platform Independent Mobile Apps and Services
155  ESD Basics: From Semiconductor Manufacturing to Use
156  Formal Methods for Industrial Critical Systems: A Survey of Applications
157  Fundamentals of Optical Fiber Sensors
158  Handbook of Microwave Component Measurements -with Advanced VNA Techniques
159  Handbook of Optical Systems - V5 - Optical Components and Systems
160  Handbook of Ultra-Wideband Short-Range Sensing
161  Harnessing Green IT - Principles and Practices
162  Importance Measures in Reliability, Risk and Optimization - Principles and Applications
163  Nonlinear Optical Borate Crystals - Principles and Applications

Numerical Analysis in Electromagnetics: The TLM Method

165  OLED displays Fundamentals and applications
166  Optical CDMA Networks - Principles, Analysis and Applications
167  Photonic Sensing: Principles and Applications for Safety and Security Monitoring
168  Publish/Subscribe Systems - Design and Principles
169  Service Availability - Principles and Practice Cloth
170  Silicon Photonics - Fundamentals and Devices
171 Space Antenna Handbook
172  Tactical Wireless Communications and Networks - Design Concepts and Challenges
173  Essentials of Computational Electromagnetics
174  Quantum Mechanics for Electrical Engineers
175  Engineering the CMOS Library: Enhancing Digital Design Kits for Competitive Silicon
176  Next Generation Wireless Communications Using Radio over Fiber
177  Embedded SoPC Design with NIOS II Processorand Verilog Examples
178  RF Circuit Design, Second Edition
179  Cognitive Radio Communication and Networking - Principles and Practice
180  Hybrid Control and Motion Planning of Dynamical Legged Locomotion
181 Microwave and Millimeter Wave Circuits and Systems - Emerging Design, Technologies and Applications
182  Electrical, Electronics, and Digital Hardware Essentials for Scientists and Engineers
183  Direct Eigen Control for Induction Machines and Synchronous Motors
184  Embedded Systems: Hardware, Design and Implementation
185  Electromagnetism: Maxwell Equations, Wave Propagation and Emission
186  Electricity Production from Renewables Energies
187  Predictive Control of Power Converters and Electrical Drives
188  Signal Processing & Integrated Circuits
189  High Performance Control of AC Drives with MATLAB/ Simulink Models CL
190  Antennas for Global Navigation Satellite Systems
191 Handbook of Nanoscopy
192  Introduction to Humans in Engineered Systems
193  Formal Method: Industrial Used from Model to the Code
194  Industrial Used of Formal Method: Formal Verification
195  The PDMA Handbook of New Product Development, Third Edition
196  Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics, Fourth Edition
197  Atmospheric Pressure Plasma for Surface Modification
198  Theory of Lift: Introductory Computational Aerodyamics in MATLAB (R)/Octave
199  Introduction to Finite Strain Theory for Continuum Elasto-Plasticity
200  Introduction to UAV Systems 4e
201 Introduction to Thermo-Fluids Systems Design
202  Guided Waves in Structures for SHM - The Time-domain Spectral Element Method
203  Fundamentals of Turbulent and Multi-Phase Combustion
204  Optimal Control, 3rd Edition
205  System Dynamics: Modeling, Simulation, and Control of Mechatronic Systems, Fifth Edition
206  Engineering Your Future: The Professional Practice of Engineering, Third Edition 
207  Experimental Mechanics of Solids and Structures
208  System Identification: A Frequency Domain Approach, Second Edition
209  Aircraft Design - A Systems Engineering Approach
210  Performance-Based Gear Metrology - Kinematic- Transmission- Error Computation and Diagnosis
211  Elements of Structural Dynamics - A New Perspective
212  The Elements of Continuum Biomechanics
213  Finite Elements - Computational Engineering Sciences
214  Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis of Solids and Structures, 2nd edition
215  Fractional Order Motion Controls
216  Gears and Gear Drives
217  Heat Conduction, 3rd Edition
218  XFEM Fracture Analysis of Composites
219  Understanding Aerodynamics - Arguing from the Real Physics
220  Design and Development of Aircraft Systems 2e
221  Mechanical Engineering Education
222  Laser Velocimetry in Fluid Mechanics
223  Laser Metrology in Fluid Mechanics: Granulometry,temperature and concentration measurements
224  Optimization in Engineering Sciences: Exact Methods
225  Advances in Computational Dynamics of Particles, Materials and Structures
226  Engineers' Data Book 4e
227  Experimental Mechanics of Solids
228  Low Impact Building - Houses Using Renewable Materials
229  Performance-Oriented Architecture - Rethinking Architectural Design and the Built Environment
230  Inside Smartgeometry - Expanding the Architectural Possibilities of Computational Design
231  Ornament - The Politics of Architecture and Subjectivity - AD Primer
232  Project Control: Integrating Cost and Schedule in Construction
233  Solar Energy: Technologies and Project Delivery for Buildings
234  Place-making and Policies for Competitive Cities
235  The City as a Tangled Bank - urban design versusurban evolution - AD Primer
236  The Urban Masterplanning Handbook
237  Risk Communication: A Handbook for Communicating Environmental, Safety, and Health Risks, Fifth Edition
238  Visual Intelligence: Microsoft Tools and Techniques for Visualizing Data
239  Macrocyclic and Supramolecular Chemistry - How Izatt-Christensen Award Winners Shaped the Field
240  Service Quality of Cloud-Based Applications
241  Agile Contracts: Creating and Managing Successful Projects with Scrum
242  Balanced Scorecards & Operational Dashboards with Microsoft Excel Second Edition
243  Large Scale Network-Centric Distributed Systems
244  Music Navigation with Symbols and Layers: Toward Content Browsing with IEEE 1599 XML Encoding
245  Software War Stories: Case Studies in Software Management
246  Crowdsourcing
247  Information Centric Networks: a new paradigm for the Internet
248  Knowledge Needs and Information Extraction / Towards an Artificial Consciousness
249  3D Video
250  Guide to Building Control for Domestic Buildings
251  Theory of Structures - Fundamentals, Framed Structures, Plates and Shells
252  Design and Construction of Nuclear Power Plants
253  Megaproject Management: Lessons on Risk and Project Management from the Big Dig
254  Project Scheduling and Management for Construction, Fourth Edition
255  Recommendations on Excavations 3e
256  Recommendations on Piling (EA Pfähle)
257  Risk Pricing Strategies for Public-Private Partnership Projects
258  The Engineer's Manual of Construction Site Planning
259  Brown's Boundary Control and Legal Principles, Seventh Edition
260  Retrofitting of the Built Environment
261  Design of Highway Bridges: An LRFD Approach, Third edition
262  The Design Manager's Handbook
263  Geotechnical Engineering: Unsaturated and Saturated Soils
264  Handbook of Tunnel Engineering I - Structures and Methods
265  Guide to the IET Wiring Regulations - 17th Edition IET Wiring Regulations (BS 7671:2008 incorporating Amendment No. 1:2011) 2e
266  Practical Guide to RF-MEMS
267  Guide to State-of-the-Art Electron Devices
268  CMOS Sigma-Delta Converters - Practical Design Guide
269  Wavelength Division Multiplexing: A Practical Engineering Guide
270  Ultra-Capacitors in Power Conversion Systems - Analysis, Modeling and Design in Theory and Practice
271  Acoustic Array Systems: Theory, Implementation, and Application
272  Adaptive Filters - Theory and Applications 2e
273  Bistatic SAR/ISAR/FSR Theory Algorithms and Program Implementation
274  Object Detection and Recognition in Digital Images- Theory and Practice
275  Transformers and Inductors for Power Electronics - Theory, Design and Applications
276  Electromagnetic Simulation Using the FDTD Method, Second Edition
277  Perspectives on Complex Global Challenges: Education, Energy, Healthcare, Security and Resilience
278  3G, 4G and Beyond - Bringing Networks, Devices And The Web Together 2e
279  Complex-Valued Neural Networks: Advances and Applications
280  Electrochemical Components
281  Internet Protocol-based Emergency Services
282  Magnetic Resonance Imaging for Groundwater
283  Mobile Access Safety
284  Multi-factor Models and Signal Processing Techniques
285  Numerical Analysis with Applications in Mechanicsand Engineering
286  Product and Systems Development: A Value Approach
287  Wireless Mobile Internet Security 2e
288  Acoustic Microscopy and Ultrasonic Imaging - From Principles to Advanced Applications
289  Algorithmic and Artificial Intelligence Methods for Protein Bioinformatics
290  Fundamentals of Pervasive Information Management Systems
291  HomePlug AV and IEEE 1901: A Handbook for PLC Designers and Users
292  Lasers and Optoelectronics - Fundamentals, Devices and Applications
293  Method of Moments for 2D Scattering Problems: Basic Concepts and Applications
294  The Inverse Method / Parametric Verification of Real-time Unbedded Systems
295  User-Centered Agile Method
296  Wireless Networking: Understanding Internetworking Challenges
297  Modern Lens Antennas for Communications Engineering
298  Power Electronics and Energy Conversion Systems - Fundamentals and Hard-switching Converters V1
299  Electrical Installation Designs 4e
300  Control of Power Inverters in Renewable Energy and Smart Grid Integration
301 Foundations of Fuzzy Control - A Practical Approach, Second Edition
302  WiFi, WiMAX, and LTE Multi-hop Mesh Networks: Basic Communication Protocols and Application Areas 
303  AC Electric Motors Control - Advanced Design Techniques and Applications
304  Wireless Communications - Algorithmic Techniques 
305  Emerging Technologies for 3D Video - Creation, Coding, Transmission and Rendering
306  Adaptive Processing of Brain Signals 
307  Wireless Telecommunication Systems 
308  Active Plasmonics and Tuneable Plasmonic Metamaterials
309  Digital Microwave Communication:t-to-Point Microwave Systems
310  Power Systems Signal Processing for Smart Grids
311  Electrical Overstress (EOS) - Devices, Circuitsand Systems
312  Metamaterials and Wave Control 
313  Enterprise Interoperability: IWEI'13 Proceedings 
314  System-level Modeling of MEMS
315  Project Management Metrics, KPIs, and Dashboards: A Guide to Measuring and Monitoring Project Performance 
316  Micro-Cutting - Fundamentals and Applications 
317  Introduction to Tribology 2e
318  Introduction to Hybrid Vehicle System Modeling and Control
319  Geometry of Surfaces: A Practical Guide for Mechanical Engineers
320  Guide to Load Analysis for Durability in Vehicle Engineering
321  Microfluidics and Nanofluidics: Theory and Selected Applications
322  Handbook of Compliant Mechanisms
323  Battery Systems Engineering
324  Management and Engineering Innovation
325  Modelling and Managing Airport Performance
326  Reverse Engineering in Control Design 
327  Filtering, Control and Fault Detection with Randomly Occurring InComplete Information
328  Nonlinear System Identification - NARMAX Methodsin the Time, Frequency and Spatio-Temporal Domains 
329  Numerical Methods in Contact Mechanics
330  Programming the Finite Element Method 5e
331  Control of Cutting Vibration and Machining Instability - A Time-Frequency Approach for Precision, Micro and Nano Machining 
332  Practical Residual Stress Measurement Methods 
333  Vibro-impact Dynamics
334  Multiscale Simulations and Mechanics of Biological Materials 
335  Principles and Applications of Tribology 2e 
336  Nonlinear Regression Modeling for Engineering Applications - Modeling, Model Validation, and Enabling Design of Experiments
337  The Stochastic Perturbation Method for Computational Mechanics 
338  Nano and Cell Mechanics: Fundamentals and Frontiers
339  Computational Fluid-Structure Interaction - Methods and Applications 
340  Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings 
341  Computational Intelligence - Synergies of Fuzzy Logic, Neural Networks and Evolutionary Computing
342  Advanced Composite Materials for Automotive Applications - Structural Integrity and Crashworthiness 
343  Civil Avionics Systems 2e
344  Analysis and Modelling of Non-Steady Flow in Pipeand Channel Networks 
345  Design and Analysis of Composite Structures - With Applications to Aerospace Structures, 2nd Edition 
346  Advanced Aircraft Design - Conceptual Design, Analysis and Optimization of Subsonic Civil Airplanes 
347  Structural Dynamic Analysis with Generalized Damping Models: Analysis
348  Water on Earth 
349  Loop-shaping Robust Control 
350  Multimodal Transport Systems 
351  Interdisciplinary Mechatronics: Engineering Science and Research Development 
352  Mathematical Models of Beams and Cables 
353  Full-Field Measurements and Identification in Solid Mechanics 
354  Sustainable Supply Chain Management 
355  Reinforced Concrete Beams, Columns and Frames: Mechanics and ULS Design 
356  Convection Heat Transfer Fourth Edition 
357  Incompressible Flow, Fourth Edition
358  Turbulent Multiphase Flows with Heat and Mass Transfer
359  Structural Dynamic Analysis with Generalized Damping Models: Identification
360  A Practitioner's Guide to Effective Maritime and Port Security 
361  Biosecurity: Understanding, Assessing, and Preventing the Threat 
362  Medical and Dental Space Planning: A Comprehensive Guide to Design, Equipment, and Clinical Procedures, Fourth Edition
363  Forty Ways to Think about Architecture - Architectural History and Theory Today 
364  Drawing and Reinventing Landscape AD Primer 
365  Landscape Site Grading Principles: Grading with Design in Mind 
366  Gardens and Landscapes in Historic Building Conservation 
367  European Building Construction Illustrated 
368  Drawing - The Motive Force of Architecture 2nd Edition 
369  An Introduction to Bioreactor Hydrodynamics and Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer 
370  Computer Security Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume1 
371  Computer Security Handbook, Sixth Edition, Volume2 
372  Data Center Handbook 
373  Advanced Backend Optimization  
374  Advanced Content Delivery, Streaming, and Cloud Services 
375  Comparable Corpora and Computer-assisted Translation 
376  Data Fluency: Empowering Your Organization with Effective Data Communication 
377  Evolutionary Algorithms for Mobile Ad hoc Networks 
378  JavaScript and jQuery for Data Analysis and Visualization 
379  Mathematical Programming Solver Based on Local Search 
380  Professional Java EE Design Patterns 
381  Python Projects 
382  Cybercrime and Cyber Warfare
383  Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining, Second Edition 
384  Architecting the Cloud: Design Decisions for Cloud Computing Service Models (SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS) 
385  Cloud Computing and Electronic Discovery + Website 
386  Software Architecture 
387  Software Architecture 2 
388  Software Evolution and Maintenance: A Practitioner's Approach 
389  Software Quailty Engineering: A Practitioner's Approach 
390  Building Dependable Distributed Systems 
391  Formal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems Volume 1 
392  Formal Languages, Automata and Numeration Systems Volume 2 
393  High-Performance Computing on Complex Environments 
394  Rapid Prototyping Software for Avionics Systems: Model-oriented Approaches for Complex Systems Certification 
395  Time-Predictable Architectures 
396  Graph-related Optimization and Decision Theory 
397  Information Systems for Knowledge Management 
398  Recommender Systems 
399  Fundamentals of Reliability Engineering: Applications in Multistage Interconnection Networks 
400  Automatic Text Summarization 
401 Information Evaluation 
402  Scanning the Business Environment and Detecting Weak Signals 
403  Managing the Profitable Construction Business: The Contractor's Guide to Success and Survival Strategies 
404  Theory of Nonlinear Structural Analysis: The Force Analogy Method for Earthquake Engineering 
405  Computational Methods for Reinforced Concrete Structure 
406  Methods of Measuring Environmental Parameters 
407  Interpreting Land Records, Second Edition 
408  Sustainable Use of Wood in Construction 
409  Value Management of Construction Projects 
410  A Two-Step Perturbation Method in Nonlinear Analysis of Beams, Plates and Shells 
411  The Gypsum Construction Handbook, Seventh Edition 
412  Sustainable Building Adaptation 
413  Multi-storey Precast Concrete Framed Structures 
414  Water Resources in the Built Environment - Management Issues and Solutions 
415  Handbook of Tunneel Engineering II - Basics and Additional Services for Design and Construction 
416  Design of Steel Structures - Eurocode 3 - Designof Steel Structures. Part 1-1 - General Rules and Rules for Buildings 
417  Rock Mechanics Based on an Anisotropic Jointed Rock Model (AJRM) 
418  Introduction to Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Control: Theory and Applications 
419  Handbook for Construction Planning and Scheduling
420  From GSM to LTE-Advanced - An Introduction to Mobile Networks and Mobile Broadband Revised 2e 
421  Introduction to Numerical Electrostatics Using MAT LAB 
422  An Introduction to LTE - LTE, LTE-Advanced, SAE, VoLTE and 4G Mobile Communications 2e 
423  Introduction to Ground Penetrating Radar: Inverse Scattering and Data Processing 
424  Cybersecurity for Executives: A Practical Guide 
425  Fundamentals of the Physical Theory of Diffraction, Second Edition 
426  Blind Source Separation: Theory and Applications 
427  Filamentary Ion Flow: Theory and Experiments 
428  Fringe Pattern Analysis for Optical Metrology - Theory, Algorithms, and Applications 
429  Kalman Filtering: Theory and Practice Using MATLAB (R), Fourth Edition 
430  Fundamentals of Liquid Crystal Devices, 2e 
431  Mobile Satellite Communications Handbook, Second Edition 
432  Principles of Electrical Safety 
433  Radio over Fiber for Wireless Communications - From Fundamentals to Advanced Topics 
434  Understanding LTE with MATLAB - From Mathematical Modeling to Simulation and Prototyping 
435  3D Modeling of Buildings 
436  Advanced Power Electronics Converters: PWM Converters Processing AC Voltages 
437  Cloud Management and Security 
438  Dynamic Wireless Sensor Networks 
439  Mobile Clouds - Exploiting Distributed Resourcesin Wireless, Mobile and Social Networks 
440  Multi-dimensional Imaging 
441  Network Security 
442  Positioning in Wireless Communications Systems 
443  Power Magnetic Devices: A Multi-Objective Design Approach 
444  Radio Frequency Identification and Sensors: From R FID to Chipless RFID 
445  Signal Integrity: From High Speed to Radiofrequency Applications 
446  Smart Sensor Systems - Emerging Technologies and Applications 
447  System Design and Control Integration for Advanced Manufacturing 
448  Acoustic Particle Velocity Measurements using Laser / Principles, Signal Processing and Applications 
449  Combining Pattern Classifiers: Methods and Algorithms, Second Edition 
450  Digital Signal and Image Processing using Matlab,2nd edition: V1 - Fundamentals 
451 Electrical Estimating Methods, Fourth Edition
452  Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems 
453  Formal Methods Applied to Industrial Complex Systems 
454  Fundamentals and Evolution of MPEG-2 Systems - Paving the MPEG Road 
455  Fundamentals of Silicon Carbide Technology: Growth, Characterization, Devices, and Applications 
456  Handbook of Digital Games 
457  Mobile Satellite Communications - Principles and Trends 2e 
458  Model Based Systems Engineering: Fundamentals and Methods 
459  Optical Devices in Ophthalmology and Optometry - Technology, Design Principles and Clinical Applications 
460  Optimization in Engineering Sciences: Approximateand Metaheuristic Methods 
461  Radio Receiver Technology - Principles, Architectures and Applications 
462  Satellite Technology - Principles and Applications3e 
463  Space Electronic Reconnaissance:ories and Methods 
464  Power Electronic Converters for Microgrids
465  Architectures for Computer Vision: From Algorithmto Chip with Verilog 
466  Fiber Optic Communications - Fundamentals and Applications 
467  Electromagnetic Modeling and Simulation 
468  Molecular Imaging in Nano MRI 
469  Circularly Polarized Antennas 
470  Nanoscale Microwave Engineering / Optical Controlof Nanodevices 
471  Wide Band Gap Semiconductor Nanowires for Optical Devices 
472  Beyond CMOS Nanodevices 1 
473  Beyond CMOS Nanodevices 2
474  Managing Complex Projects and Programs: How to Improve Leadership of Complex Initiatives Using a Third-Generation Approach 
475  Managing Technology-Based Projects: Tools, Techniques, People and Business Processes 
476  Project Management: Best Practices: Achieving Global Excellence, Third Edition 
477  Project Recovery: Case Studies and Techniques for Overcoming Project Failure 
478  Competing with High Quality Data: Concepts, Tools,and Techniques for Building a Successful Approachto Data Quality 
479  Introduction to Sustainable Transports 
480  Lubricants - Introduction to Properties and Performance 
481  Adsorption Refrigeration Technology: Theory and Application 
482  Control of Quantum Systems: Theory and Methods 
483  Asymptotic Methods In The Theory Of Plates With Mixed Boundary Conditions 
484  Hydrodynamic Bearings 
485  New Sensors and Processing Chain
486  Algebraic Identification and Estimation Methods in Feedback Control Systems
487  Analytical and Numerical Methods for Vibration Analyses 
488  Fractional Calculus with Applications in Mechanics: Wave Propagation, Impact and Variational Principles 
489  The Rayleigh-Ritz Method for Structural Analysis 
490  Electromechanical Motion Systems - Design and Simulation 
491  Engineering Risk Assessment and Design with Subset Simulation 
492  Optimal Modified Continuous Galerkin CFD 
493  Modeling and Control of Engines and Drivelines 
494  Modelling, Simulation and Control of Two-Wheeled Vehicles 
495  Finite Element Analysis of Structures Through Unified Formulation 
496  Understanding the Discrete Element Method: Simulation of Non-Spherical Particles for Granular and Multi-body Systems 
497  Thermo-Mechanical Industrial Processes 
498  Vehicle Gearbox Noise and Vibration - Measurement, Signal Analysis, Signal Processingand Noise Reduction Measures 
499  Low-Energy Lunar Trajectory Design 
500  Sliding Mode Control of Uncertain Parameter-Switching Hybrid Systems 
501  Analytical Routes to Chaos in Nonlinear Engineering
502  Toward Analytical Chaos in Nonlinear Systems
503  Physical Form Finding of Lightweight Structures 
504  Mechanics and Uncertainty 
505  Illustrated Guide to Door Hardware: Design, Specification, Selection 
506  The Handbook of Interior Design 
507  Introduction to Network Security: Theory and Practice 
508  Alcatel-Lucent Service Routing Architect (SRA) Self-Study Guide: Preparing for the BGP, VPRN and Multicast Exams 
509  Security Intelligence: A Practitioner's Guide to Solving Enterprise Security Challenges 
510  The Network Security Test Lab: A Step-by-Step Guide 
511  The Antivirus Hacker's Handbook 
512  The Mobile Application Hacker's Handbook 
513  Applied Microsoft Business Intelligence 
514  Beginning Java Programming: The Object-Oriented Approach 
515  Beginning JavaScript, 5th Edition 
516  Beginning Software Engineering 
517  Building Responsive Data Visualization for the Web 
518  Communication Practices in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Research for Food and Water Safety 
519  Data as a Service: A Framework for Providing Reusable Enterprise Data Services 
520  Data Science & Big Data Analytics:nalyzing, Visualizing and Presenting Data 
521  Graph Analysis and Visualization:iness Opportunity in Linked Data 
522  Java Programming 24-Hour Trainer, Second Edition 
523  Machine Learning in Python:for Predictive Analysis 
524  Network Attacks & Exploitation: A Framework 
525  Phishing Dark Waters: The Offensive and Defensive Sides of Malicious Emails 
526  Reliable JavaScript: How to code safely in the world's most dangerous language 
527  The Kimball Group Reader: Relentlessly Practical Tools for Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, 2nd Edition 
528  Wearable Android: Android Wear & Google FIT App Development 
529  Web Development with jQuery 
530  WHOIS Running the Internet: Protocol, Policy, and Privacy
531  Introduction to Lattice Theory with Computer Science Applications
532  From Photon to Pixel: The Digital Camera Handbook 
533  Software Project Estimation: The Fundamentals for Providing High Quality Information to Decision Makers 
534  Activity Learning: Discovering, Recognizing, and Predicting Human Behavior from Sensor Data 
535  Big Data MBA: Driving Business Strategies with Data Science 
536  Cloud Services, Networking, and Management 
537  COBOL Software Modernization 
538  Cognitive Computing and Big Data Analytics 
539  Foundations of Coding: Compression, Encryption, Error Correction 
540  Games with a Purpose (GWAPS) 
541  Large-Scale Distributed Systems and Energy Efficiency: A Holistic View 
542  Linux Bible, Ninth Edition 
543  Linux Command Line and Shell Scripting Bible, Third Edition 
544  Practical Microcontroller Engineering with ARM® Technology 
545  Professional AngularJS 
546  From Big Data to Smart Data 
547  Beyond Cybersecurity: Protecting Your Digital Business 
548  Decision-Making and the Information System
549  ERP and Information Systems: Integration or Disintegration 
550  Information and Knowledge Systems 
551  Information and Recommender Systems 
552  Medical Information Systems Ethics 
553  MOOCs: Design, Use and Business Models 
554  Performance Evaluation by Simulation and Analysiswith Applications to Computer Networks 
555  Construction Innovation 
556  Strengthening of Concrete Structures with Adhesively Bonded Reinforcement - Design and Dimensioning of CFRP Laminates and Steel Plates 
557  Precision Surveying: The Principles and Geomatics Practice 
558  The Technical Avalanche Protection Handbook 
559  Ultra-High Performance Concrete UHPC - Fundamentals, Design, Examples 
560  Practical Guide to Machine Vision Software - An Introduction with LabVIEW 
561  Introduction to Digital Mobile Communication 2e 
562  Beam Propagation Method for Design of Optical WaveGuide Devices 
563  Guided Randomness in Optimization Volume 1 
564  Indoor Radio Planning: A Practical Guide for 2G,3G and 4G, 3e 
565  The Telecommunications Handbook - Engineering Guidelines for Fixed, Mobile and Satellite Systems 
566  Ad Hoc Networks Telecommunications and Game Theory 
567  Wireless Communications - Principles, Theory and Methodology 
568  Characteristic Modes: Theory and Applications in Antenna Engineering 
569  Automatic Modulation Classification - Principles, Algorithms and Applications 
570  Fundamentals of Microwave Photonics 
571  Automation for Robotics 
572  Cable Networks, Services, and Management 
573  Decisions: An Engineering and Management Perspective 
574  Digital Signal and Image Processing using Matlab,2nd edition: V2 - Advances and Applications: The Deterministic Case 
575  Emotion Recognition: A Pattern Analysis Approach 
576  Modeling and Simulation Support for System of Systems Engineering Applications 
577  Practical Field Robotics - A Systems Approach 
578  Reliability, Maintainability, and Supportability: Best Practices for Systems Engineers
579  Applied Superconductivity - Handbook on Devicesand Applications 
580  Attosecond Nanophysics - From Basic Science to Applications 
581  Biologically-inspired Computer Vision - Fundamentals and Applications
582  Biomedical Image Understanding: Methods and Applications
583  Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation - Fundamentals, Analysis and Design 
584  Engineering Information Security: The Applicationof Systems Engineering Concepts to Achieve Information Assurance, Second Edition
585  Fundamentals of 5G Mobile Networks 
586  Fundamentals of Complex Networks: Models, Structures and Dynamics 
587  Fundamentals of Convolutional Coding, Second Edition 
588  Fundamentals of Infrared and Visible Detector Operation and Testing, Second Edition 
589  Green Communications - Principles, Concepts and Practice 
590  Handbook of Digital Forensics of Multimedia Dataand Devices 
591  Modern Measurements: Fundamentals and Applications 
592  Photonics Volume 1: Fundamentals of Photonics and Physics  
593  Quantitative Assessments of Distributed Systems: Methodologies and Techniques 
594  Regularization and Bayesian Methods for Inverse Problems in Signal and Image Processing 
595  Resonant MEMS Fundamentals, Implementation, and Application 
596  Emerging Nanoelectronic Devices 
597  An Introduction to Thermodynamic Cycle Simulationsfor Internal Combustion Engines 
598  Fluid-Structure Interactionv - An Introduction to Finite Element Coupling 
599  Introduction to Aircraft Aeroelasticity and Loads2e 
600  Introduction to Operational Modal Analysis 
601  Pumping Machinery Theory and Practice 
602  Extended Finite Element Method - Theory and Applications 
603  Discrete Mechanics 
604 Discrete Element Method to Model 3D Continuous Materials 
605  Discrete-continuum Coupling Method to Simulate Highly Dynamic Multi-scale Problems: Simulation of Laser-induced Damage in Silica Glass 
606  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems - A Human Systems Integration Perspective