Literacy Classes


According to ACRL, information literacy is "...a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognise when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information...". DIU is dedicated to make graduates who will be equipped for providing new leadership and for applied research. DIU curriculum is designed to provide students with communicative skills with socio-cultural background. Applied skills or project based experience; an area of sub-specification are also part of DIU curriculum. The necessity of higher education institutions, like DIU, which missions are to develop lifelong learner so that the learners have the intellectual abilities to think critically, to construct them as independent learners and learning how to learn; and information literacy is taking shape with organizational mission, objectives and goals. Information literacy education programme at DIU is running with the following phases as per requirement, expectation and ad-hoc policy formulated by DIU Library.

Information Literacy (Phase 1)

This programme is for the freshmen students basically. During the first year, DIU students take courses on learning skills, national culture and electives in arts and science. So, this phase or literacy programme is suitable for the students who has just enrolled or completed few credits. This programme designed to give an outline regarding library resources and services which includes brief snapshot of library literacy, digital literacy, media literacy, resource literacy all along.  Currently this programme is mandatory for all undergraduate library member of DIU.

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