Item Renew

To renew borrowed library items/materials online:

  • Check the boxes beside the items you would like to renew.

  • Click the Renew for selected item/s or Renew selected option.

To renew items by phone:

  • Call the telephone lines at  Ext: 65267

  • These numbers will be answered by the Library Officials.

  • Have your books and a pencil handy.

  • Provide your name, ID number and telephone number.

  • Give the identification number (accession number) for each book.

  • The personnel will give you the new due date and please write it down on the date due slip for your return purposes.

What you can't renew:

  • Item already renewed once.

  • Item on hold for someone else.

  • Item is overdue.

You will not be able to renew any items if...

  • your library membership has expired.