SL.  Title
 01  Open Innovation Research, Management And Practice
 02  Dynamics Of Governing It Innovation In Singapore: A Casebook
 03  Innovation And Growth: What Do We Know?
 04  Ucla Anderson Business And Information Technologies (Bit) Project: A Global Study Of Business Practice (2012)
 05  Perspectives On Supplier Innovation: Theories, Concepts And Empirical Insights On Open Innovation And The Integration Of Suppliers
 06 Leverage Innovation Capability: Application Of Total Innovation Management In China's Smes' Study
 07  Dynamics Of Regional Innovation, The: Policy Challenges In Europe And Japan
 08  Changing Face of Innovation, The: Is It Shifting To Asia?
 09  Managing Knowledge Assets, Creativity And Innovation
 10  Beyond The Knowledge Trap: Developing Asia's Knowledge-Based Economies
 11  Knowledge Integration Dynamics: Developing Strategic Innovation Capability
 12  Inside Real Innovation: How The Right Approach Can Move Ideas From R&D to Market - and Get The Economy Moving
 13  Perspectives On User Innovation
 14  Gaining Momentum: Managing the Diffusion of Innovations
 15  Handbook On Business Information Systems
 16  Network Dynamics In Emerging Regions of Europe
 17  Creating and Managing a Technology Economy
 18  Governing and Managing Knowledge in Asia

2nd Edition

 19  Principles of Quantum Artificial Intelligence
 20  Principles of Artificial Neural Networks 3rd Edition
 21  Non-Axiomatic Logic : A Model of Intelligent Reasoning

Aristotle's Laptop: The Discovery of our Informational Mind

 23  Consciousness and Robot Sentience

Computational Intelligence and Its Applications

Evolutionary Computation, Fuzzy Logic, Neural Network and Support Vector Machine Techniques

 25  This Pervasive Day: The Potential and Perils of Pervasive Computing
 26  Intelligence Science
 27  Machine Learning for Financial Engineering
 28  Advanced Topics in Biometrics
 29  Advanced Artificial Intelligence
 30  Knowledge Mining Using Intelligent Agents
 31 Physarum Machines: Computers from Slime Mould 
 32  Handbook Of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies
 33  Emergent Information: A Unified Theory of Information Framework
 34  Fuzzy Preference Queries to Relational Databases
 35  Information and Computation: Essays on Scientific And Philosophical Understanding of Foundations of Information And Computation
 36  Database Technology for Life Sciences and Medicine
 37  Automated Database Applications Testing: Specification Representation for Automated Reasoning
 38  Reasoning About Fuzzy Temporal and Spatial Information from the Web
 39  Advances in Digital Document Processing and Retrieval
 40  Multimodal Interactive Handwritten Text Transcription
 41  Document Analysis and Recognition With Wavelet and Fractal Theories

Linear Algebra Tools for Data Mining


Emerging Topics in Computer Vision and Its Applications


Multimedia Information Extraction and Digital Heritage Preservation


Machine Interpretation of Patterns: Image Analysis And Data Mining


Graph Classification and Clustering Based on Vector Space Embedding


Biomimetic Robotic Artificial Muscles


Cluster Computing for Robotics and Computer Vision


Simultaneous Localization and Mapping: Exactly Sparse Information Filters


Adaptive Control of Robot Manipulators: A Unified Regressor-Free Approach


Scientific Programming: C-Language, Algorithms and Models in Science


Property-Preserving Petri Net Process Algebra In Software Engineering


Adaptive Control Approach For Software Quality Improvement


Applied Parallel Computing


Algorithmics Of Matching Under Preferences


Handbook On Reasoning-Based Intelligent Systems, The


Introduction To The Analysis Of Algorithms, An (2nd Edition)


Modern Applications Of Automata Theory


Functional Interpretation Of Logical Deduction, The


Theory Of Randomized Search Heuristics: Foundations And Recent Developments


Randomness Through Computation: Some Answers, More Questions


Scientific Applications Of Language Methods


Parsing Schemata For Practical Text Analysis


Selected Topics In Information And Coding Theory


Safety And Reliability In Cooperating Unmanned Aerial Systems


Holographic Microscopy Of Phase Microscopic Objects: Theory And Practice


Cardiac Fibrillation-Defibrillation: Clinical And Engineering Aspects