SL  Title
01  Introduction to Carbon Capture and Sequestration
02  Asia's Energy Trends and Developments (In 2 Volumes)
 03  Energy in the 21st Century (3rd Edition)
 04  World Scientific Handbook of Energy, The
 05  Handbook of Renewable Energy Technology
 06  Energy in the 21st Century (2nd Edition)
 07  Materials for Sustainable Energy: A Collection of Peer-Reviewed Research and Review Articles from Nature Publishing Group
 08  Energy, The Environment and Climate Change
 09  Resonance and Aspect Matched Adaptive Radar (Ramar)
 10  Optical Processes In Microparticles And Nanostructures: A Festschrift Dedicated to Richard Kounai Chang on His Retirement From Yale University
 11  Dark Matter and Cosmic Web Story
 12  Physicist's View of Matter And Mind, A
 13  First Magnitude: A Book of the Bright Sky
 14  Dark Matter, Neutrinos, and Our Solar System
 15  Black Holes, Cosmology and Extra Dimensions
 16  Beyond The Stars: our Origins and the Search for Life In the Universe
 17  Vignettes in Gravitation and Cosmology
 18  Fluid Flows to Black Holes: A Tribute to S Chandrasekhar on His Birth Centenary
 19  New Perspective on Relativity, A: An Odyssey in Non-Euclidean Geometries
 20  Introduction to The Anisotropic Geometrodynamics
 21  Adventures in Cosmology
 22  Scale Relativity and Fractal Space-Time: A New Approach to Unifying Relativity And Quantum Mechanics
 23  Introduction to The Theory of The Early Universe: Hot Big Bang Theory
 24  Introduction to The Theory of The Early Universe: Cosmological Perturbations and Inflationary Theory
 25  Scientific Autobiography, A: S Chandrasekhar
 26  Primordial Cosmology
 27  On The Origin Of Planets: By Means Of Natural Simple Processes
 28  Weaving The Universe: Is Modern Cosmology Discovered Or Invented?
 29  Physics Of Comets (3rd Edition)
 30  Inverted Bowl, The: Introductory Accounts Of The Universe And Its Life
 31  Physics Of The Universe
 32   Lectures On Electromagnetism (Second Edition)
 33 Chaotic Pendulum, The
 34  Understanding Soft Condensed Matter Via Modeling And Computation
 35  Luttinger Model: The First 50 Years And Some New Directions
 36  Wet Granular Matter: A Truly Complex Fluid
 37   40 Years Of Berezinskii–Kosterlitz–Thouless Theory
38  Frontiers Of 4d- And 5d-Transition Metal Oxides
39  Frustrated Spin Systems (2nd Edition)
40  X-Ray Standing Wave Technique, The: Principles And Applications
41  Statistical Mechanics Of Magnetic Excitations: From Spin Waves To Stripes And Checkerboards
42   Fractional Kinetics In Solids: Anomalous Charge Transport In Semiconductors, Dielectrics And Nanosystems
43  Flexoelectricity In Liquid Crystals: Theory, Experiments And Applications
44   Modern Course In The Quantum Theory Of Solids, A
45  Order, Disorder And Criticality: Advanced Problems Of Phase Transition Theory - Volume 3
46   Correlated Electrons In Quantum Matter
47   Semiconductor Spintronics
48  Optoisolation Circuits: Nonlinearity Applications In Engineering
49  Quantum Dissipative Systems (Fourth Edition)
50  Physical Basis Of Plasticity In Solids
51  Scattering Matrix Approach To Non-Stationary Quantum Transport
52  Graphene And Its Fascinating Attributes
53  Mechanical Properties Of Complex Intermetallics
54  Bcs: 50 Years
55  50 Years Of Anderson Localization
56   Properties Of Perovskites And Other Oxides
57   Surface Properties And Engineering Of Complex Intermetallics
58   Statistical Methods Of Geophysical Data Processing
59  Advances In Environmental Fluid Mechanics
60   Symmetry And Fundamental Physics: Tom Kibble At 80
61   Modern Functional Quantum Field Theory: Summing Feynman Graphs
62   Selected Papers Of Chen Ning Yang Ii: With Commentaries
63  Three-Particle Physics And Dispersion Relation Theory
64  Reminiscences: A Journey Through Particle Physics
65   Silicon Solid State Devices And Radiation Detection
66  Abc Of Physics: A Very Brief Guide
67   Neutron, The: A Tool And An Object In Nuclear And Particle Physics
68   High-Energy Nuclear Optics Of Polarized Particles
69   Principles Of Radiation Interaction In Matter And Detection (3rd Edition)
70   Introduction To String Theory And D-Brane Dynamics, An: With Problems And Solutions (2nd Edition)
71  Emission Detectors
72  Perspectives On Supersymmetry Ii
73   Seventy Years Of Double Beta Decay: From Nuclear Physics To Beyond-Standard-Model Particle Physics
74  At The Leading Edge: The Atlas And Cms Lhc Experiments
75  Quark-Gluon Plasma 4
76   Murray Gell-Mann - Selected Papers
77  Modern Aspects Of Superconductivity: Theory Of Superconductivity
78  Water: Molecular Structure And Properties
79   Collisional Line Broadening And Shifting Of Atmospheric Gases: A Practical Guide For Line Shape Modelling By Current Semi-Classical Approaches
80  100 Years Of Subatomic Physics
81   Life At The Center Of The Energy Crisis: A Technologist's Search For A Black Swan
82   Fifty Years Of Nuclear Bcs: Pairing In Finite Systems
83   Turbulent Transport In Magnetized Plasmas
84  From Nuclei To Stars: Festschrift In Honor Of Gerald E Brown
85   Hadron And Nuclear Physics 09
86  Neutron Physics For Nuclear Reactors: Unpublished Writings By Enrico Fermi
87   Nuclear Collective Motion: Models And Theory
88  Physics With Trapped Charged Particles: Lectures From The Les Houches Winter School
89   Plasma Research At The Limit: From The International Space Station To Applications On Earth (With Dvd-Rom)
90  Release Of Thermonuclear Energy By Inertial Confinement, The: Ways Towards Ignition
91  Handbook On Optical Constants Of Semiconductors, The: In Tables And Figures
92  Path Integrals For Stochastic Processes: An Introduction
93  Langevin Equation, The: With Applications To Stochastic Problems In Physics, Chemistry And Electrical Engineering (3rd Edition)
94  Time Reversibility, Computer Simulation, Algorithms, Chaos (2nd Edition)
95  Non-Equilibrium Soft Matter Physics
96   Polymer Viscoelasticity: Basics, Molecular Theories, Experiments And Simulations (2nd Edition)
97   New Trends In Statistical Physics: Festschrift In Honor Of Leopoldo Garcia-Colin's 80th Birthday
98   Fractional Calculus: An Introduction For Physicists (2nd Edition)
99   Quantum Theory Of Tunneling (2nd Edition)
100  Elementary Particles And Emergent Phase Space
101   Under The Spell Of Landau: When Theoretical Physics Was Shaping Destinies
102  Structural Aspects Of Quantum Field Theory (In 2 Volumes)
103  Black Holes: New Horizons
104  Low Dimensional Physics And Gauge Principles: Matinyan's Festschrift
105 Strings, Gauge Fields, And The Geometry Behind: The Legacy Of Maximilian Kreuzer
106  Thermodynamics Of Quantum Yang-Mills Theory, The: Theory And Applications
107 Cosmic Secrets: Basic Features Of Reality
108  Quantum Processes
109  Introduction To Relativistic Statistical Mechanics: Classical And Quantum
110 Orbiting The Moons Of Pluto: Complex Solutions To The Einstein, Maxwell, Schrodinger And Dirac Equations
111  Fractional Calculus: An Introduction For Physicists
112 Lectures On Gravitation
113 Nucleon-Nucleon Interaction And The Nuclear Many-Body Problem, The: Selected Papers Of Gerald E Brown And T T S Kuo
114 Electromagnetic Analysis Using Transmission Line Variables (2nd Edition)
115 Lectures On Advanced Mathematical Methods For Physicists
116 Classical And Quantum Dynamics Of Constrained Hamiltonian Systems
117 Multifaceted Skyrmion, The
118  Edward Teller Centennial Symposium: Modern Physics And The Scientific Legacy Of Edward Teller (With Dvd-Rom)
119  Mathematical Mechanics: From Particle To Muscle