SL. Title
01 Matrix Spaces And Schur Multipliers: Matriceal Harmonic Analysis
02 Bochner–Riesz Means On Euclidean Spaces
03 Elements Of Mathematical Theory Of Evolutionary Equations In Banach Spaces
04 Functional Calculi
05 Oblique Derivative Problems For Elliptic Equations
06 Integral Equations, Boundary Value Problems And Related Problems
07 Navier-Stokes Equations In Planar Domains
08 Recent Advances In Applied Nonlinear Dynamics With Numerical Analysis: Fractional Dynamics, Network Dynamics, Classical Dynamics And Fractal Dynamics With Their Numerical Simulations
09 First Course In Analysis, A
10 Hyperbolic Problems: Theory, Numerics And Applications (In 2 Volumes)
11 Functional Equations On Hypergroups
12 Stable Perturbations Of Operators And Related Topics
13 Global Solution Curves For Semilinear Elliptic Equations
14 Generalized Ordinary Differential Equations: Not Absolutely Continuous Solutions
15 Asymptotic Behavior Of Generalized Functions
16 Multiscale Problems: Theory, Numerical Approximation And Applications
17 Random And Vector Measures
18 Harmonic Analysis Method For Nonlinear Evolution Equations, I
19 Qualitative And Asymptotic Analysis Of Differential Equations With Random Perturbations
20 Henstock-Kurzweil Integration On Euclidean Spaces
21 Advanced Inequalities
22 Spectral Analysis Of Relativistic Operators
23 Analysis Of Singularities For Partial Differential Equations
24 Some Problems On Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations And Applications
25 Wavelet Methods In Mathematical Analysis And Engineering
26 Nonlinear Integrals And Their Applications In Data Mining
27 Recent Development In Stochastic Dynamics And Stochastic Analysis
28 Advances In The Homotopy Analysis Method
29 Advanced Mathematical And Computational Tools In Metrology And Testing Ix
30 Truly Nonlinear Oscillations: Harmonic Balance, Parameter Expansions, Iteration, And Averaging Methods
31 Virtual Knots: The State Of The Art
32 Operator Calculus On Graphs: Theory And Applications In Computer Science
33 Applications Of Unitary Symmetry And Combinatorics
34 Combinatorial Problems In Mathematical Competitions
35 Grassmannians Of Classical Buildings
36 Schwarz's Lemma From A Differential Geometric Viewpoint
37 Splines And Compartment Models: An Introduction
38 Biomat 2012 - International Symposium On Mathematical And Computational Biology
39 Biomat 2011 - International Symposium On Mathematical And Computational Biology
40 Fractional Calculus: Models And Numerical Methods
41 Descriptive And Normative Approaches To Human Behavior
42 Calculating Catastrophe
43 International Assessment Of Research And Development In Simulation-Based Engineering And Science
44 Biomat 2010 - International Symposium On Mathematical And Computational Biology
45 Linear Inverse Problems: The Maximum Entropy Connection (With Cd-Rom)
46 Towards A Mathematical Theory Of Complex Biological Systems
47 Advances In Interdisciplinary Applied Discrete Mathematics
48 Homogenization Methods For Multiscale Mechanics
49 Fractional Calculus And Waves In Linear Viscoelasticity: An Introduction To Mathematical Models
50 Biomat 2009 - International Symposium On Mathematical And Computational Biology
51 Scientific Essays In Honor Of H Pierre Noyes On The Occasion Of His 90th Birthday
52 Path Integrals, Hyperbolic Spaces And Selberg Trace Formulae (2nd Edition)
53 Gibbs Measures On Cayley Trees
54 Bombay Lectures On Highest Weight Representations Of Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras (2nd Edition)
55 Complex Quantum Systems: Analysis Of Large Coulomb Systems
56 Advances In Wave Turbulence
57 Application Of Braid Groups In 2d Hall System Physics: Composite Fermion Structure
58 Fractional Dynamics: Recent Advances
59 Nonlinear Dynamical Systems Of Mathematical Physics: Spectral And Symplectic Integrability Analysis
60 Quantum Field Theory And Its Macroscopic Manifestations: Boson 
61 Condensation, Ordered Patterns And Topological Defects
62 Geometric Formulation Of Classical And Quantum Mechanics
63 Group Theory And Hopf Algebras: Lectures For Physicists
64 Mathematical Horizons For Quantum Physics
65 Mobius Inversion In Physics
66 On The Emergence Theme Of Physics
67 Computational Methods In Nonlinear Analysis: Efficient Algorithms, Fixed Point Theory And Applications
68 Recent Developments In Computational Finance: Foundations, Algorithms And Applications
69  Qualitative Computing: A Computational Journey Into Nonlinearity
70  Fitted Numerical Methods For Singular Perturbation Problems: Error Estimates In The Maximum Norm For Linear Problems In One And Two Dimensions (Revised Edition)
71  Antieigenvalue Analysis: With Applications To Numerical Analysis, Wavelets, Statistics, Quantum Mechanics, Finance And Optimization
72  Multiscale Modeling And Analysis For Materials Simulation
73  Computability In Context: Computation And Logic In The Real World
74  Strong Stability Preserving Runge-Kutta And Multistep Time Discretizations
75  Free Energy Computations: A Mathematical Perspective
76  Numerical Conformal Mapping: Domain Decomposition And The Mapping Of Quadrilaterals
77  Matrix Methods: Theory, Algorithms And Applications - Dedicated To The Memory Of Gene Golub
78  Real And Stochastic Analysis: Current Trends
79  Analysis For Diffusion Processes On Riemannian Manifolds
80  Three Classes Of Nonlinear Stochastic Partial Differential Equations
81  Stochastic Processes, Finance And Control: A Festschrift In Honor Of Robert J Elliott
82  Stochastic Analysis And Applications To Finance: Essays In Honour Of Jia-An Yan
83  Elementary Introduction To Stochastic Interest Rate Modeling, An (2nd Edition)
84  Selected Topics On Continuous-Time Controlled Markov Chains And Markov Games
85  Stochastic Processes In Genetics And Evolution: Computer Experiments In The Quantification Of Mutation And Selection
86  Markov Processes, Feller Semigroups And Evolution Equations
87  Perspectives In Mathematical Sciences
88  Mathematical Mechanics: From Particle To Muscle
89  New Trends In Stochastic Analysis And Related Topics: A Volume In Honour Of Professor K D Elworthy
90  Generalized Functionals Of Brownian Motion And Their Applications: Nonlinear Functionals Of Fundamental Stochastic Processes